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Memory Keepsake Boxes, Keepsake Jewelry Boxes, Keepsake Trucks-Baby Keepsakes

Welcome: We all have memories to keepsake. Memory Keepsake Box and Jewelry Boxes most times are interchangeable. Traditional, keepsake boxes and trucks were wooden with standard design. Contemporary Decorative Designed Keepsake boxes gives an array of beautiful variety. Hard to Find: Egyptian,  Antiques, Vintage, Classical, Traditional, Cultural, Bridal/Wedding, Silver, Photo Keepsake Boxes, Monogram Boxes, Storage Trunks/Chests and  Ethic Designer Boxes. Boxes from Around the World. Keepsake: Birth Certificates, Marriage License, Graduation Certificates, Important Legal Documents, Knitting and Craft Supplies/Projects, Wedding Dress, Prom Dress, Dainties, Photos, Heirlooms, Treasure Jewelry and More. Baby Keepsake Boxes once in a life-time memories.
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from: Wayfair
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You Save: $10.00
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Unique way to store memories in Vintage Pierced Glove Box. Exquisitely crafted for contemporary Keepsake.

Retail Price: $105.40
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from: One Kings Lane
Handcrafted by Indian artisans of quietly lustrous bone, this jewelry box has a removable inside tray with compartments for rings and chains, as well as an interior mirror.Purva Designs' harmonious, eye-catching frames and boxes are handcrafted from exquisite natural materials such as bone, horn, and mother-of-pearl and meticulously assembled to tell tales of texture and drama. With a spirit that lends itself to any decor style, they make wonderful gifts too.

Ancient Egyptian Jewelry Making
Jewellry  - Wikipedia 

Ancient Egypt Jewel and Keep box Making
Jewelry functioned as currency, symbols of wealth, adornment, membership affiliate, religion affiliate and art. Amulets are to bring the owner good luck and ward off evil. Some jewelry owners purchase not for adornment but for artistic display. Africa had the first signed of jewelry making dating back  75,000 years ago. The find was perforated snail shells. In Kenya, perforated ostrich egg shells were found dating back 40,000 years ago. Seashell serves as first form of jewelry.


Ancient Egypt established professional jewelry making approximately 3,000 to 5,300 years ago. Egyptian workmen preferred gold to silver. Precious gemstones and semi-precious stones used: Lapis, Carnelian, Jasper, Turquoise, Quartz and Malachite.  In Egyptian society jewelry symbolized power, wealth and religious status. There was an array of jewelry including amulets, head dress, anklets, necklaces, bracelets, rings and collars. Not only was jewelry worn in life but commonly place along with personal valuables with the decease's body. These valuables were know as "grave goods"   were offerings to the gods in the after life. Metal were adorned with coloured glass in addition to precious and semi-precious gem stones. The color symbols meaning to provide good luck and ward off evil. Blue represented royalty. Making Lapis and Turquoise prize semi-precious stones. Green glass symbolize fertility. Opaque represented joy and pleasure. Precious and semi-precious stones were not affordable to all in Egyptian social classes. Egyptian artisans were experts at crafting glass bead versions of precious stones. It was difficult to tell the difference between authentic gems from the crafted glass versions.

Mother of Pearl

Inlaid Mother of Pearl
Mother of pearl is the outer layer of some mollusks. Iridescent lining inside the mollusk shell  Mollusk shells: abalone, Norman shell, pearl oyster and yellow sand shell mussel. Iridescence with range of colors. The mother of pearl oysters were abundant in the Red Sea.  In ancient times people wore sea shell and beads made from seashells. Egyptians used mother of pearl to make oval or oblong figures and beads. The decorative use of mother-of-pearl in Egypt goes back as 4,800 to 4,200 BC years ago. Mother of pearl has been found in Egyptian pyramids and tombs. Ancient Egyptian set the standards for mother of pearl inlay. Elaborate mother of pearl cut into a myriad of small precise pieces. All precise pieces put together geometrical inlaid in wood, Memory Keepsake Box and Jewelry. The result is distinct Arab design and ageless beauty.  Jewelry keepsake boxes were made of gold, silver, bronze, copper and other local metals. Most treasured were wooden inlaid with mother of pearl, precious and semi-precious stones. Jewelry Keepsake Boxes could have been considered heirlooms. They were given from one generation to the next generation.
 Egyptian Men Rings
Just a little tidbit. In the movies you see Ancient Egyptian and Roman men sealing documents with their rings. In Ancient Egyptian men adorned themselves with rings. These rings were not just for adornment but necessity. Legal documents were not signed and dated but sealed with with the individual ring.

Archaeological found gold, silver and semi-precious stones jewelry dates 2900-2300 BC. Sophisticated metal works and techniques: filigree, cloisonne, fine granulation and engraving.   Metals adorned with: agate, lapis, carnelian and jasper. Shapes tended to be leaves, spirals, cones and grapes in bunches. Jewelry adorned both people and status.

United States
In the late 1891 Frederick Boepple, founded a mother of pearl button factory. Located Mascatine, Iowa. The Mississippi river and streams supplied an abundance of shelled American pearl mussels. Demand for mother of pearl buttons boomed in the late 1900's and early 2000's.  

from: Cultural Elements

Ethnic Decorative Box with a Lid - $62.00
Retail Price: $72.00
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from: Cultural Elements
from: Cultural Elements

from: Cultural Elements

from: Cultural Elements

Premium Quality Handmade Mosaic Inlay Wood Jewelry Chest

Precious Rose and Pearl Keepsake Box
Glenna Jean Small Pink Rose and Pearl Box - $35.99
from: Wayfair

Rosebud Memory Keepsake Box
Glenna Jean Rosebud Box - $49.99
from: Wayfair

Keepsake Chest, Trunks and Memory Keepsake Boxes

 Toscana Wood and Metal set of 2. Keep a lot of memories in this well crafted Old World Trunks. Color traces of cherry, brown and black. Unique storage and home decor. Appreciable beauty, structure and design. Treasured memories: wedding, births, passports, vacations,graduations and etc.
Toscana Wood Metal Trunk (Set of 2) - $285.00
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The keepsake chest has always been a symbol of status. Ancient Egyptians kept their personal treasures in heirloom chests. During the Renaissance wealthy families believed in arranged marriages within the family. Inter familial marriages strengthen and secured power influence within the family. Wedding gifts were presented in elaborate trunks. Often times, the trunks were more highly valued than the gifts contained.
These chests were made of a sturdy wood like oak, cherry wood or cedar wood. Cedar was a common wood used for chests. Cedar is sturdy and moth resistant. These chests were intricately carved, gilded or painted. Chests were fitted with secure artistic locks. Valuable items are safe in the cedar lined chests. Immigrant families migrating to America travels by sea with possessions in chests. In later decades American teenage girl were given trunks by their mothers or close female relative. It represented a coming of age for young ladies. Trousseau: clothing, personal items and household items were stored in “hope chest” or “glory chest”. Until the 1950s the expected path for women was marriage. The hope chest was a ritual of the hope and joy. The hope chest and trousseau represented paths of marriage and a family’s life journey. When a young woman married the hope chest was emptied and replaced with memorable throughout family life. Mothers would pass this hope chest to their daughters and the journey of the hope chest was reborn. Chests and memory keepsake boxes in my view, represents hope, joy and heritage.

Large Cedar Trunk - $218.99 - Cedar wood is Moth Resistant
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The Lane Company, VA was a notable maker of cedar wood chest during WWII. Shirley Temple was a model for the company. Advertisement was aimed at GI’s loved ones left in domestic life. Lane Company promoted miniature 12” long chest chests as advertising gifts for high school girls. These two forms for advertisement Americanized the chest and keepsake box.

Contemporary times are different from the mid 1950s. Women today are liberated and dowries or trousseau's are no longer common traditions. Since Ancient Egypt people still treasure keepsakes. Precious keepsakes are still stored in chests and memory keepsake boxes. Additionally, these decorative chests, trunks or boxes add personal decor to any room.

Bow Ribbon
by: Jennifer Taylor

St Lucia Collection

Bacara Collection
Broderick Collection

Lumina Collection

Hampton Collection

Traditional antique and vintage memory boxes, chest and trunks will always be valued. Contemporary vintage relics Bow Ribbon set of 3 provides stack able memory storage for the whole family. Beautiful designs with ample storage space will add to room decor. Thinking out of the box, great way for college students to store personals items. Fashionable mini luggage set. Imagine Bow Ribbon memory boxes in baby room. Keep memories from infancy to adulthood. Example: baby clothes, baby shoes, christening document, kid works of art, graduation documents, photos, videos and etc. Wedding and honeymoon memorabilia: wedding dress, shoes, gloves, jewelry, invitations, cake topper, photos, videos and etc. Decorative storage craft and art projects. Memory boxes for all of life's seasons.
Well appointed storage decor for any room

Elegant Vintage Rotary Phone
Vintage Rotary Phone - $179.00
Retail Price: $189.00
You Save: $10.00
from: One Kings Lane

Memory Keepsake Boxes from Around the World.  Hard to Find Handmade, Antique Relics, Vintage, Classical, Traditional and Contemporary Boxes. Exquisite Keepsake Boxes for your Precious Memorabilia. Keepers at Every Style, Budget and Taste.
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